Tuesday, 9 April 2013


The following are just some of my summer must haves.
Keeping on trend with the florals and the futuristic looks with some of them, 
while also just keeping a good old summery feel with the rest.
These shorts I've already purchased during the sales in Bershka and will be
a staple piece for me on the few sunny days we get in Ireland.
Available on Bershka.com

Not many people like this but I absolutely adore it, I don't know why I do so much but
the two colours I think so amazing together and would pair great with the denim shorts.
Available on RiverIsland.com

This has to be my favorite out of the lot. I tried it on the other day and the material in
it is actually so amazing it just makes me want to cry.
Available on Topman.com under the brand Taxonomy.
These wood effect retro sunglasses are a need for me. I had already bought them but on
on of the few sunny days so far this year I brought them out and left them on the bus.
Next time I hope I wont be so stupid. Available on RiverIsland.com

Above are a perfect pair of TOMS for a day on the beach or a picnic in the park. TOMS are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried on.
Bellow are some brown boat shoes which are perfect for a sunny day while wanting to look smarter then usual. Both available on schuh.co.uk

These socks are perfect for inside any shoes you're wearing this summer to keep 
your feet comfy but not compromise your outfit. I already purchases 3 in black and white in the sales in preparation for the summer. Available on Topman.com

I hope you liked this post, I know I haven't posted in such a long time but I will get back into the habbit of it soon as I get my summer holidays. Please leave a comment below :)
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Monday, 4 February 2013

I'M BACK !!!

I've been gone for over a month now, which is actually shit buuuuut 
I'm back and I will be working harder and better then ever on this trying to do more posts,
hauls, street styles, celeb style spots and so much more.

The reason why I've been gone for so long is due to me working full time 
for all of December with my new job in River Island, which I am loving as it lets
 me see all new lines and styles that come in straight away, then exams for all of 
January so I'm only really getting back into the act of things now 
and I thought it was time to start back blogging.

This week I'm gonna try do 3 more posts which is a lot but still I feel like
to people who actually read my blog and miss the posts, they deserve it after
over a month of no posts and not even saying why.

Some of you who have read by blog before might realise that I have a
completely new theme, thanks my amazing friend Debbie who also has an
amazing blog, which you can check out here *You really should*. Some of the new features
on the page are that you can now follow me through you google account,
follow my instagram and just be kept up to date on new posts a lot 
easier then you could before.

Leave comments below on things you may want to see or anything else,
that's why it's there ! :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Miroslava Duma

This woman to me is just a style icon.
Every picture, every outfit, every bit of make up is always just perfect. 
Being the daughter of a Russian senator she always had to look well for the public, 
but this woman went far beyond looking well for the public. 
The 25 year old already has her own charity called Mira's Planet.
Going from being an editor for Harpers Magazine(Russia) to writing for multiple
 magazines such as OK magazine(Russian), Tatler, Glamour(Russia).
Now a mother for 2 years, this woman isn't giving in the the usual motherly role 
and giving up her style. With favorite designers such as Miu Miu,
Prada, YSL, Lanvin and Alexander Wang. 

Below are just some of her amazing looks.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Street Style

So the model today was Katy Sullivan.
Image colours are different as it was sunset so the light was changing very quick.

Shirt from H&M.
Hoodie from Dunnes.
Denim waistcoat from Topman.
Tights & hat from Penneys/Primark.
Bag from River Island.
Shoes from vintage store in Northern Ireland.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Pro Choice

So this post is completely not to do with any of my usual posts but I felt like I should 
bring it up as it's something I've been thinking about ever sicne it arose a few days ago. 
There has been a lot of buzz around Ireland over the past few days considering
 abortion and whether it should be legalized or just legal in some cases or
should the church still have an influence on government and some of its actions.

It all started when on 28th of October a young woman called Savita 
Halappanavar (above) died of septicaemia caused by a fetus she
 was carrying that was miscarrying and would never survive. The doctors 
knew this and knew that if they didn't remove the fetus, Savita would not
 survive but because of Irish law the doctors couldn't do anything and Savita died.

I myself believe that abortion should be legal in some cases. Cases like
Savitas should always be allowed to have the fetus aborted, so should be
the case with woman who are raped and do not wish to carry the child.
Here's where abortion gets complicated for me, for girls who go around
having sex every man out there and thinking it's fine because the have
 the back up of the morning after pill or abortion. It's people like that, that make
 me think if abortion is brought in it should be heavily regulated.

Also another thing which my dad said to me which is very true, if a woman
wanted to have a child but the father wanted to keep it, the child would
 be aborted, but if the woman wanted to keep it and the father wanted
aborted, the child would be born and the father would have to pay for the
child for years. So in both cases the father has no choice which as far as I
know has been the case in any country abortion has been brought in which
is outrageous to me as I feel the father should have a choice.

To rap things up my opinion is abortion should be legalizes but heavily regulated
so people cannot abuse the fact that its there.

Comment below with your own opinions on this subject.

Baroque Trend.

So this is a trend I absolutely love. The Baroque style started in the 1600's in Rome and spread throughout Europe and has been evident in fashion a lot lately. 
Having always been a a main part of Versace, it is now spreading through out the high
street and I am delighted with this as it's something just so elegant that you
just have to look at each design and wonder how every one can be so alike, yet so different.

With it now in stores from Topshop to Zara & big in River Island, and also a 
range in Topman for men (Which i will be purchasing as soon as i get my 
hands on some money.) it has just been gaining more attention as time goes 
on.I do not feel that this is just a short lived trend, but one that will be here for a 
few years and will live on after the trend ends in the styles of Versace.

The embellished gold tops, the sparkle gold stitching's to the hard & bright colours
all works very well together to make this trend one of my top picks over the next few months.

Bellow are some of my favorite pieces 
with details below.

Trousers, collar & purse - River Island.
Bomber jacket - Topshop.
Mens blue & Gold shirt - Topman.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My November Needs.

So as it's coming into winter most of the thing's I will be buying will 
be bought not just to keep me warm, but also to make sure I'm 
on trend with the current Gothic, futuristic and military trends. Also now
that I have my job back in River Island I shall be buying more and 
more clothes so there will be more hauls to come this month.

First is this khaki Green parka from River Island.

Next is this 80's boho jumper from Asos Marketplace

I really want to get my first leather jacket but I have to be very careful as it's very 
hard to find one to suit each person. This is one I like also from Asos Marketplace.
Any thoughts ?

These studded pocket burgundy jeans from Zara I think are just amazing.

I also really want to get some Brogues as I'm seeing them everywhere now.
These navy Brogues from River Island I think are pretty great.
These studded monk-strap boots from Zara were also pretty cool.
Last but not least accessories all from Topman as I just love all accessories from there.
Most of them tying in with the gothic trend.